What we already did


in development

  • Enhanced the volume slider options within the settings menu by introducing additional subdivisions, providing users with improved precision in managing volume adjustments.
  • addressed some typos in Mountains dialogues (thank you for the feedback).
  • drone propellers are now spinning with the intended speed.
  • adjusted the colliders of some NPCs in Swamp scene.
  • fixed the drone UI buttons in Desert tracks.



  • Resolved an issue that previously prevented manual saving in both the Oil Platform and Dark Region areas.
  • The save data icon now flashes only during active game-saving processes.
  • Trophy “Workaholic” is now automatically unlocked upon completing all deliveries, as intended. If a user has completed all deliveries and is eligible to unlock the trophy, it will be quietly granted upon game load.
  • Increased player walking speed within the Circus Interior scene for improved gameplay.
  • Improved the speed at which glyphs appear in both Chinese and Japanese languages for a smoother reading experience.
  • Tweaked the looping cinematic sequence during the Healer House dialogue.
  • Rectified a bug where the user could inadvertently trigger multiple “Think about” actions while holding the left shoulder button.
  • Made minor adjustments to fix UI glitches and correct typos for a more polished gaming interface.


  • Improved the clarity of the drone games’ user interface.
  • Resolved issues with certain materials not casting shadows correctly.
  • Fixed camera behavior on specific levels for a smoother gameplay experience.
  • Introduced new cinematic sequences to enhance the storytelling.
  • Enhanced the player’s awareness of their surroundings, allowing for better speed adjustments.
  • Rectified collider issues to prevent players from getting stuck in unintended places.
  • Accelerated the appearance of full-stop characters in Japanese and Chinese dialogues.
  • Corrected typos and minor user interface imperfections for a more polished look.
  • Adjusted the scrolling speed of various menu elements to improve navigation.
  • Tweaked the volume of some sound effects for better audio balance.
  • Addressed minor gameplay bugs.


  • Corrected problems associated with particle systems and visual effects.
  • Resolved a rare issue where certain NPCs failed to resume their dialogues after the initial interaction in the Post Office.
  • Tweaked the camera distance within specific interior locations for improved visibility.
  • Adjusted character rotation speed to enhance agility when navigating small interior locations.


  • First release of the game.
  • Fixed an issue where side quests in the Tavern were not being saved correctly.
  • Ensured the girl character now correctly follows the player in the Swamp area.
  • Adjusted collisions on the Oil Platform.
  • Added custom masks for every avatar in dialogue scenes.
  • Removed the need for manually setting the platinum trophy on PlayStation.
  • Optimized the distortion particle effect in the 5th Desert Day scene for better performance.

We are currently investigating these issues you reported

  • “need to leave the circus to meet the robot in the swamp but cannot leave the circus”. (not possible to recreate the bug on our end)
  • “the game doesn’t save automatically at the start of the level or use the manual save option halfway through the level. If quit during the oilPlatform section, need to restart in the Desert town and start the oilPlatform section from the beginning”. (fixed in 1.3)
  • “you have some typos in the restaurant”. (to be fixed in 1.4)