DREAMERS will lead you on an emotional journey in a story about friendship, exploration, and personal growth. Join the three characters in their adventure through a 3D world with secondary storylines and mini-games, vehicles to upgrade, puzzles to solve, and collaborative split-screen experiences.
The game is designed as a single-player adventure where on some levels it's possible to set the multi-character option in co-op, using the split-screen. In addition to the main and secondary quests, there will be vehicles to upgrade, maps, and collectible items, to expand the player gaming experience.
The game environment is pretty detailed and well-structured on all its elements, to provide the player with unique gameplay, humoristic dialogs, a balanced level of difficulty, and no game over. DREAMERS is a game designed for an audience that loves classic games but is also a fresh and modern experience for players that discover adventures for the first time.


The album features nearly two hours of orchestral and ambient music, created by an international team. Comprised of 31 instrumental tracks, the soundtrack of DREAMERS transports players in its relaxed and exciting atmosphere and allows to to reflect after a tiring day and to travel with the protagonists of the game between different worlds and realities.


What sets Dreamers apart from other similar games is the art design. It’s highly stylized, with minimalist character design and very surrealist environments. From a certain perspective, it looks like something that Tim Burton might have designed, except, you know, with color.

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Non tutti gli NPC sono solo funzionali come in altri giochi, ma tanti partecipano attivamente alla collettività portandovi il proprio carattere. Non tutti i personaggi, infatti, sono chiamati a coinvolgere i protagonisti che spesso si sentono emarginati o, talvolta, alienati dalla società virtuale di DREAMERS.

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DREAMERS wird die Spieler auf eine emotionale Reise in ein farbenfrohes Abenteuer führen, in dem es auch Widrigkeiten, Momente des Zweifels und starke Emotionen geben wird. Alles beginnt mit einem mysteriösen Brief von der Großmutter, der den Protagonisten dazu zwingen wird, mehr als sein bekanntes Land zu erkunden.

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DREAMERS es un título diseñado para un público que ama los juegos clásicos, pero también es una experiencia fresca y moderna para los jugadores que descubren aventuras por primera vez. El entorno con su detalle y estructura en sus elementos, podrán proporcionarte una jugabilidad única, con diálogos humorísticos y un nivel equilibrado de dificultad.

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The first playable demo of DREAMERS has been announced during the Summer Game Demo Fest on June 15th by Xbox, for its consoles Xbox One and Xbox Series.
Hurry up because the demo is available for the players until the 21st of June.
This custom version of DREAMERS represents a unique way to experience the daily life on the beautiful tropical island of the game and assist one of the three main characters to start his adventure in the vast world of DREAMERS.
If you missed the event during the E3, do not worry, here we have a short gameplay trailer of the demo for you.


DREAMERS is going to be available on next-gen consoles and PC on winter 2022/2023, and in the meanwhile, you can wishlist it in order not to miss any news or updates.